True Wireless Stereo (TWS) is a technology that lets you pair two audio devices via Bluetooth, which means that you can transmit the  L Channel (left) and channel R (right) individually. Sometimes you may feel that you are receiving stereo sound when listening to 2 speakers, but this is not necessarily true. And that is what TWS means! Depending on how audio is recorded, you could perceive drums out of the R channel and guitar out of the L channel.

For those of us that really enjoy listening to music, even when we are on the go, we can – in true stereo and without being all caught up in a mess of wires!

So, why do you need to know this?

You don’t – unless you are looking to utilise a set of Bluetooth earbuds, headphones or portable speakers for a branded promotional giveaway.

That’s when TWS becomes really important! If your company’s brand is going to be on a set of Bluetooth earbuds, headphones or portable speakers that you are giving to valued customers, you need to make sure that they are TWS compliant. Otherwise, your client is going to be disappointed with their gift when the music they want to listen to sounds horrible.

Yes, your branded non-TWS compliant earbuds will still allow the recipient to make and take calls but they won’t be able to play music to a quality that people expect and that is going to reflect poorly on your brand.

So, here’s a few things you should be aware of when selecting TWS earbuds (or headphones):


·         Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity ·         Standby Time 30-90 hours
·         Charging case with a battery capacity of 200 mAh-2600 mAh ·         Ear-buds chargeable without the

charging case

·         Noise cancellation and clear voice


·         Intuitive Touch Ear Bud button control for volume, turn on/off, and play
·         Frequency range ·         Music play time from 2hrs up to 32hours
·         Waterproof rating of IPX7 or IPX8


If you have any other questions on wireless chargers, feel free to email us info@adzimpact.com.au or give us call –  We’re here to help you make your decisions as seamless as possible!

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